Download Batch Rename Html By Tags Freeware

Aoao Batch Rename  v.1.8

Aoao Batch Rename is a easy and comprehensive piece of software that enables you to multiple rename your files at once.

Learn HTML By Example  v.1.05

Learn HTML by Example v.1.05 is a free online tool which you can add to your site to help your visitors learn HTML.

HTML Convenience Tags  v.1.0

A lightweight JSP/JSTL framework providing HTML convenience tags for rapid development of simple web applications.

Batch Rename .EXE  v.1.0.51

Tired of renaming your files by hand? This wizard makes the busywork that invariably comes with downloading and managing media files disappear. Run your file list through an extensive array of filename filters to ensure your files are labeled and

HTML Color Tags  v.1.0

It is technically a filter even though it does not modify the image in any way. It is not a color-picker either - it can not modify the color settings. Alt/Ctrl-OK copies foreground/background value to the clipboard for pasting into other

Win7 X Folder  v.1.2

Win7 X Folder is a very simple to use software which enebles users to perform diffrent operations on a target folder in a very simple style.Win7 X Folder supports operations such as batch rename with very handy templates,Saving list of files and

Auto Photo Renamer  v.1.0

When you need to batch rename photos or files, it is should be convenient.

Rename  v.

Rename is a program which can allow you to create new names for all your files and folders, but with a lot more options. Can batch rename files, add or remove strings to filenames, change file extensions, numerate filenames sequentially,

HTML image dimensions  v.1.0

Adds and updates size attributes (i.e. width and height) of all HTML image tags in a complete directory structure of own webpages. Before loading the images, a browser will reserve space for the specified image dimensions, so the pages will load

Rename Photos  v.1.0

A program to rename photos by shooting date. The program will replace the existing photos. You can have your own image prefix and select the

JavaPEG - The Digital Foto Handler  v.2.4

The purpose of this application is to be able to batch rename digital camera images. The rename process make use of the emebedded meta data in each file. The structure of the new name is defined by a template which make use of meta data

File Renamer  v.

Rename all your files and folders, with a lot more options. You can batch rename files, extensions, add or remove strings, numerate filenames, replace strings, and more.. Suports Drag and Drop and has 'undo' function.

EasyImageSizer for Linux  v.2.1.3

EasyImageSizer is an easy to use application designed to help you resize and rename images with ease. FEATURES: · batch compress image files · batch rename image files · batch resize images

RegexRenamer  v.

RegexRenamer is a powerful but simple user-friendly graphical tool used to batch rename files using regular expressions. It can rename multiple files, change the extension, add file numbers and move the renamed files to another location. A regular

Genial renamer  v.

Batch rename all files and subfolders in a folder.

Compactor  v.3.4

Compresses HTML by removing unnecessary white space.

Aoao Photo Editor  v.2.9

Aoao Photo editor helps you adld image or text to photos,Aoao Photo Editor is operating is convenient and its processing is fast, it supports many kinds of picture formats,Aoao Photo Editor platinum is powerful. It support most picture formats.

.NET SlidingMenu  v.2.0

SlidingMenu creates z-piled stacks of layers in a browser and client dynamically navigate through these layers. Using HTML inline tags it is not only easy supporting a creative focus, it is fun and it opts for a more efficient use of web space.

MP3 Renaming  v.1.1

MP3 Renaming is a FREE program designed to automatically rename using ID3 tags in your mp3 files, according to rules that you specify. Rename your mp3 files, using ID3 tags in your mp3 files. Specify any format, that you want to rename your mp3 Toolbar  v.1.0

a tiny toolbar for IE and Firefox to search free online video search at can find the hottest and all the videos on by tags,categories and etc. it's eazy to install and uninstall.enjoy it

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